Business Owners and Families


Business Owners and Families

Business is never easy and even more challenging with family dynamics, partnerships, employees and tax.

We have an organizational system bringing the planning together. It’s more than insurance or even investing, but may help with those as well. Estate distribution planning, asset protection, and future tax planning differentiate us from what so many successful business owners have already experienced. Once the transparency of the process identifies clarity in your own direction then we, together, will establish more purpose for yourself, future generations and ultimately your own businesses.

About Precision Wealth Strategies

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Through a systematic process, efficiency and coordination can be maximized while risk and tax is minimized.

What We Do, Our Process - and We Do It Well

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The third video is for Business Owners / Family Businesses, in which I personally specialize. This video will share a system we use so your financial life can be organized and transparently modeled.

System for Family Business Members

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